Common lies men tell women

Man talking on phone/freedigitalphotos
Man talking on phone/freedigitalphotos

According to a recent survey men lie more than women, though we women always knew it but now it’s official! Men lie in all sizes depending on the situation. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t trust your guy because lying is at times important for a smooth relationship.

Read on to know the most common lies men tell women:

I am stuck in traffic:  Most men are never punctual so they use traffic jam as an excuse to hide their mistake. But the fact is that it’s not traffic but usually work or laziness because of which they do not leave on time.

I was busy in a meeting: “Sorry darling, I was busy in a meeting so I missed your call”, have you heard this before? Every woman must have heard this excuse many-a-times. There is a possibility that he was really busy but most of the time it’s an excuse to avoid telling the truth that he was in no mood to talk.

You are the first girl in my life: Do you think it is possible that he has never been in a relationship before?  Think about it and don’t trust him blindly.

Couple kissing
Couple kissing

You look good in all dresses: This is not the truth but a trick to flatter and impress you. Also to stop you from nagging him with questions like, ‘How am I looking, Am I looking fat, Is this colour suiting me, etc’.

This is my last drink: When with buddies, they love to drink and talk. No matter how much you stop them they will always say that this would be his last drink but it won’t be. Sometimes he is also trying to tell you indirectly that I am fine and I can hold my drinks.

I wasn’t checking her out: Men will always deny that they there checking out a girl while you are around. They will argue to prove you wrong. But you know the truth.

Share your experience and add more lies to the list.