Dating scenarios you must never be guilty about

Dating? Things you should never feel guilty for:

Women apologize more than men! It’s not a theory, but has been scientifically proven. There are many things that women in relationship feel guilty about doing, but are purely not the things they need to feel sorry for. We bring you the dating scenarios girls should never feel guilty about and if you too have been feeling sorry for the same, it is not something you need to blame yourself for.

Having sex

If a girl had sex on her first date, she is called names but when a boy does the same thing, he is a dude? This is so not true! A girl should not feel ashamed of having sex with someone. Don’t feel guilty if you took things all the way right but it ended up badly.

Wearing whatever you want


Don’t be a girl who always asks her boyfriend before a party or event, “What should I wear? What will be the best for me”? Be yourself; wear what you like as it’s you who can judge yourself the best way, so do not feel guilty of not wearing what your boyfriend likes!

Rejecting someone

There is no need to feel guilty about saying NO to someone. You should respect their feeling but if you do not feel the same way, the person needs to understand it. You cannot say yes to everyone so that’s okay.

Saying no to sexual things


Say NO straight if you do not want to have sex regardless of whether you’ve been dating him for a long time. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it; it’s you who have to be ready for it by your own and not out of pressure.

Saying no to a close friend

Many girls have the guilt as they feel sad of rejecting a close friend. Don’t be! Don’t make him feel you are friend zoning him, take things normally as he should know you are just not interested the way he wants to be.

Not hooking up on a date


There is no rule that says hooking up on a date is a must. Thinking he has taken you on a date so you need to kiss him is a ridiculous thought! That’s not how dating works, do it when you want it yourself.

Be happy and secure as a person before being guilty about the ‘rules’!