Decoding women: Why we break up with men!


A break up or being dumped is very painfully and heart breaking. A number of relationships end unsuccessfully without knowing the core reason. Every man goes through a heartbreak before meeting the right partner so if you are lucky enough to find her just understand what women wants in a relationship.  At the same time many men say it is very difficult to understand women, so here is a low down on why your girl friend broke up with you:

Boredom in relationship: In the beginning all relationships are filled with passion and fun but after some time the boredom comes in. She wants spontaneous fun and excitement which can even mean a small surprise. If a girl feels bored she will begin to think that she may be better off with another guy.

Insecure: Women want their partner to trust them as it’s the base of the relationship.  For a girl it’s not easy to be with a man who is insecure and jealous of other men who talk to her.

Commitment phobic: Women expect some commitment from a long term relationship. They are even ready to sacrifice anything for that and when men are not ready for it, the relationship ends. It is like we always need to know the next step and secure our future, a fruitless relationship leaves us with no choice but to dump you.

Too busy: Every woman want her man’s attention and time. Many of us are not so crazy about men who love their jobs more and don’t know how to prioritize life.  A girl wants her partner to take some time out and make her feel special. While you might be a dedicated employee and a family person your girl also deserves to be your priority at times. No girl enjoys feeling ignored and this can make her run away from you.

Acts secretive:  Women have sixth sense and if they smell something secretive they are mostly right.  If the man dodges, women assume that they are hiding something.

Too possessive:  There is a difference between caring and being possessive. Being possessive to a certain extent is natural in any relationship but being questioned unnecessarily about her whereabouts and other matters annoy the women.

Absence of intimacy: Intimacy plays an important role in a relationship. Though girls are little reserved about it but some intimacy is essential for a healthy relationship.  No or lack of intimacy can bring the relationship to an end, you might as well be friends only!




Shows no respect:  Respect for each other is required in the relationship. Sense of humour is fine but no woman would appreciate constant jokes on her both in public and private.  A woman loves a man who respects her decisions and choices.