Dumbest things we girls do after break up

Annoying things girls do after break up:

Without any doubt breakups are heartbreaking but harming yourself or forcing anyone to stay with you is no solution. Some girls bravely handle this hurtful situation and move on while many do things that are dumb and, irritating. So, let’s check out the list of such common things below:

  • Keep on sharing with everyone that why they broke up and, who was at fault.
  • Drink unnecessarily and then, listen to sad songs just to find a reason to miss him.

  • Abuse him every time, do not see anywhere around, and just go on and on.
  • Stalk him on all the social media sites to see what is going on in his life. If blocked then, see his status and profile pictures from friend’s phone.

  • Make senseless stories to get sympathy and, stand out innocent in the entire conversation about their relationship.
  • Call his present girlfriend to share all his flaws and, tell her about your past cases with him.

  • Keep playing block and, unblock games. Put sad quotations to show him how much it is affecting you.
  • Call him and, force to meet after getting drunk.

  • Often go near his house to see him.

  • Do not talk to anyone at work, always sit alone.
  • Intentionally be in contact with his friends to get updated about his current life or whether he has moved on or not?