Fun activities to do with your boyfriend!

Check out some super fun activities you can do with your boyfriend at home:

Going out every weekend  can burn a hole in your pocket.” Being in a relationship, I and my boyfriend always look out for ways to save up! For that staying up at home and doing some fun activities seems to be a great idea. These activities not only save up but help us bond too”, says Kriti Mahajan, 25,  who is in live-in relationship”. If you too want to spend some fun time together and make some great memories too, then here few ideas

  • Play board games

Playing board games together can be really fun.Be a kid again and enjoy teasing each other. You can play Monopoly, scrabble game or crossword. I am sure you will have a great time.

  • Take a hot bath

Create a hot bath and add some essential oils and rose petals to it. Have a great candlelit bath together, shampooing and massaging each other. It will be a really relaxing experience and you both will feel tended by each other. Who needs an expensive spa, when you can do this?

  • Go for a video game marathon

Every boy loves playing video games, accompany them in their favorite task and have a great time together. Maintain the score against each other and play as many games as you can. But before starting promise each other that no one will get too competitive.

  • Stay in bed

Sometimes the best way to spend time is to stay in bed. Stock up on movies, snacks, and drinks and spend a whole day with each other without leaving your bed. Switch off your mobile phones, disconnect from the world and just be with your partner.

  • Cooking competition

Go for a cooking competition and make dishes using ingredients that are available in the kitchen. This way you both can cook together and after tasting the food, grade each other. I am sure this whole cooking process will be full of fun and laughter.

  • Have a karaoke session

Log onto YouTube and have a karaoke session, just listen and keep singing the songs. It is super fun and it’s always nice to be silly with each other.

  • Redecorate your house

This one is for the couples who live together. Spend a day changing the décor and rearranging your house. You can do some DIY crafts as well.

  • Be a kid at night

Spend a night based on kids theme where you can have a sleepover party. Play silly childhood games, paint, draw, watch cartoons that both of you love and just have fun. Be a kid again and enjoy.

Which of the idea are you going to try?