Lessons I learnt post breakup

Things that I learned after coming out from a long-term relationship:

Relationships are very beautiful but sensitive too and many times things do not always go smoothly so one should be prepared  for the darker side too. I, myself was in a relationship that just broke but it made me learn many things. So I decided to share few things that I learned post my breakup.

Do not trust blindly

 Things that I learned after coming out from a long-term relationship

This is one of the major things that I realized after getting out of my long-term relationship. You should always give yourself time as getting attracted towards someone does not mean love. Everyone shows the best initially days but later you get to know more harsh realities so it’s better to take your decision when you are fully prepared for it.

Involve family at the right time

Disclosing about your relationship in front of your family is a big step so till the time you both are not sure about the relationship don’t reveal anything that can hurt your family’s sentiments. At times we assume things and start living in the fairytale that actually does not exist.

Give space

A relationship does not mean quitting your social life as both between friends and boyfriend are important. Secondly giving space to your partner is equally important.

Do not miss opportunities

Falling in love is great but getting obsessed is not right. Being committed should not hamper your career and future goals. Do not miss opportunities that are coming your way, because you never know what will happen next. So, never get dependent on anyone and be a powerful woman who can raise herself without anyone.

Physical Relations

A girl should always get involved in a physical relationship when she is both mentally and physically prepared. Making love is not a feeling that can be forced so, do not give your partner liberty to think that you are his property.

Move on

 Things that I learned after coming out from a long-term relationship

Going suicidal or in depression for the person who was not made for you is not right. It takes time to get over t so find out ways that can distract your mind and make you strong. Life is full of ups and downs so just accept your failures as a challenge and fight against it.