Secrets of a successful long distance affair

Couple having a good time
Couple having a good time/freedigitalphotos

“A few months back my boyfriend shifted base to Bangalore from Delhi. Since then we have hit a rocky phase! We are on the verge of breaking up”, says Swati Sharma, a 24 year old software engineer. “I was never in favour of continuing this relationship because distance takes a toll and ruins it,” adds she.

Out of sight must not always mean out of mind! Some people are skeptical about  long distances because it usually mean less time together. But they forget that a relationship is not about distance, it is the love and trust that matter.

Undoubtedly, a long distance relationship is not always easy to maintain but with technology things have changed. The world has shrunk, all thanks to technology, connecting with people is much easier. Here are some tips to keep the excitement and warmth alive in a long distance relationship.

Communicate: Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Spend quality time with your partner on phone, messages or video chat. Use viber , blackberry messenger and whats app for free chats and skpe and gmail  for video chats.

Trust your partner: Trust is the base of every relation. Trust your partner don’t let insecurities seep in, which is the number one problem in most long distance relations. Infidelity or distances are not the real risk in long distance relationships; willingness and the intention to cheat matter. But give this a thought: Your partner can cheat you even if you live in the same locality.

Give him space: Being possessive is acceptable but being over-the-top spoils the fun. In order to spend more time with him, don’t snatch away his personal space. Give him some me and stop enquiring about his whereabouts . Never call his friends unless it is an emergency.

Surprises: Everyone loves surprises. Just plan a surprise visit to his place and spend some time together. The sweet memories will be a treat to your loneliness till the next time. If you are too busy for a visit just send gifts and cards on regular intervals.

Be positive: A positive approach towards life and relationship is essential.  Don’t just think about the negative aspects of a long distance relationship rather think about the positive. You can utilize the dating time by learning something new.

By the way, the best part: people in long distance relationships have awesome, toe-curling sex because distance makes the hearts fonder!