Different kinds of colleagues in office

Check out the list of people that you come across in every office.

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced person, whenever you will change office you will get to meet different types of people. Every office is a box filled with different kind of people like workaholic, gossipers and aggressive, etc. As we spend the majority time of our day with our office colleagues we have to adjust ourselves accordingly. Today, we are here with the list of different colleagues that are there in each office.

  • The forever cribbing one

We all will always come across one person who has a problem with everything, starting from desk, food facilities, AC, bad people, the boss and the bad work culture.

Office people
Office people
  • The gossipers

Both men and women love to gossip so in every office there is someone who has all the news and latest updates about the company and every employee. She/he always has ears on what is going around. They are the self-proclaimed media person, who are mostly seen gossiping in the cafeteria or near vending machines. You have to be careful of these types of peoples, just listen to them and forget what they said. Secondly do not share any official information with them.

  • The Chatterbox

When you have a lot of work to do, but the person sitting next to you keeps on talking. The best way to handle them is to be direct. You just have to quote them “I am busy; I don’t have time to talk”.

  • The Yes-Boss Guy

We all get irritated after getting so many orders from our boss but this person is always ready with a yes for the work of his boss. They never miss out an opportunity to impress their boss. Whether they want to do the work or not they will always say “Yes”.

  • The Romeo

They are usually seen talking to every girl in the office, trying to spend more time with them. They like to interact with women more, due to which they are, always in the limelight. They are famous in office  among the girls and are known for 100% attendance. Ladies be aware of these types of boys, they can affect your work.

  • The Argumentative person

They always have a point to prove. Meetings are their battleground they always want their point to be proved, you can find them arguing on every topic. Just try to avoid getting into an argument with them.

  • The mysterious couple

Mostly, love stories happen in the workplace as the office is the place where we spend most of our time, which helps us in knowing a person professionally and personally. There is at least one love story that is been cooking up in every office and the couple does not admit..

  • The foodie

He is the one whose desk is always filled with snacks, whenever you are hungry the one person who will come in, the mind will be him. They will always have something to fill in your taste-buds.

You can find all types of people around you so deal with every type of colleague in a good way.