Silly things you should never do after a break-up

Dramatic things we should just stop doing after break up:

Relationships are not always beautiful and trustworthy; you should be prepared for both the good and the bad. No doubt heartbreaks are not easy to handle but you should try to control and be strong. Doing stupid things won’t work which most of us do. Think about other people too who love you and just keep in your mind that life doesn’t stop for anyone.

  • Lost in alcohol as if you don’t have other things to do. Always staying high to ignore things going around you.
  • Block your ex from your phone but stalk him through other fake social media accounts.

  • Post pictures with guys just to make him feel jealous that you have started dating someone.
  • Go into a rebound relationship just to move on. Think about the other person’s feelings before playing with his heart.

  • Not going to office, just sitting at home and crying. This makes the situation worse than ever.
  • Keeping the phone switched off to show everyone that you are broke and depressed.

  • Being too sweet with your ex’s friends just to get some information about how is he or what is he doing nowadays?
  • Getting involved in casual sex just to get over him or kissing random people in a club to get that bitchy attitude in you.

  • Intentionally visiting places where you might see your ex.
  • Putting sad quotes on your insta and watsapp dp so that everyone gets to know that you are not okay.

  • Hiding yourself from your ex. What if you had a relationship with him, forget about the past and be normal.
  • Trying dramatic tactics like cutting hands or eating sleeping pills. Life is precious, you must value it.