Struggles of dating a blogger

In past few years , blogging has emerged as a full-fledged career for many individuals all around the world. With the popularity of Facebook, instagram and snpachat and other social media, the outreach of the blogging industry and its influence is rising every single minute. People are quitting their jobs to pursue blogging.

However behind those perfect pictures lies a lot of hard-work. But do you know , dating a blogger can be challenging. Don’t think too much just read on to know why:


Pictures: If you are dating a food blogger you won’t be allowed to bite into the meal until a picture of it is posted on social media. And yes there will be plenty of clicks before that perfect shot which will go live.

Distractions: You are never heard at one go because your partner is busy switching between the numerous windows of social media platforms to post the updates and to keep a tab on what’s happening at other places.


Perfect status update: No matter where you go there will always be a check in and brainstorming for the perfect status update.

Live updates: Regardless of how happy or sad you are the pictures have to be clicked and uploaded for the world to know. At parties and gatherings too your partner would be busy snapping videos and photos to show how much fun they are having rather than enjoying with friends or family.


Snapchat: Snapchat is quite popular among bloggers so  you will often see your partner posting snapstories while trying various face filters.

You need a wifi : A high speed internet is very important so you can’t end up at places which don’t have WiFi.

Unboxing: No matter how excited you,are, you cannot open your package before recording an unboxing video.

Becoming the photographer: This holds true when your partner wears something new. All they want will be loads of photos. From a separate one of their accessories to a nice close up and preferably early morning.


Watch what you eat: Fashion bloggers are extremely figure conscious and want to look perfect for their shoots so don’t except them to indulge in unhealthy eating.
If your are dating a blogger and think that we have missed on something, let us know by commenting below.