Things to discuss before moving-in together

Planning to move in? Some things must discuss with your partner:

When you’ve been dating for a long time and wish to take your relationship forward, it is time for moving in together. In the current world, marriage is not the only possibility, many couples want to explore living in together. It is fun, exciting and full of possibilities for a relationship. You get to know a lot about your partner. Instead of making assumptions, it is better to discuss some important questions before taking this step. Here are 5 questions that you must discuss with your partner:

  1. Why do we want it?

No matter who asked the “let’s move in” question, but make sure you both on the same page in the relationship. Be sure you are moving together for love and not for lust. Sharing one house and room with someone who loves you is beautiful. But if the reasons are not the same it can be a torture.

What’s the preferred lifestyle?

Open up with your partner and discuss your lifestyle preferences. You might be a morning person and he might love late nights! Know about your partner and discuss issues which could lead to non-stop bickering. This way you will avoid many awkward moments.

  1. How will we manage the bills?

Financial discussions are very important to do before moving in. It’s highly possible that both of you might have a different way of spending money. Decide how much you are going to spend on services like internet, television and the bills including electricity and water. It might sound embarrassing but it is essential.

  1. Who will do what?

Living with a new person means adjusting various things. Have a clear conversation about the contributions you want to make and what are you expecting. Planning all this in advance will be very beneficial for you in terms of moving in. This will make things smoother for you.

  1. What happens if we break up?

We know no one wants to think about it while taking a step forward, but it is very important. You must figure out who will move out in case of a breakup. You both must pay the rent in advance so that no one has to move out immediately. Plan these things to avoid some ugly situations at the moment.

How did you transition your lets move in phase? Help us with your stories below.