Thoughts girls get after fighting with their boyfriend!

Check out the thoughts girls get after a fight with their boyfriend:

In every relationship, silly augments and fights happen often, while sometimes girls are wrong, but sometimes their partner is to be blamed. Impact of a fight depends on how you deal with it, it can weaken or strengthen your relationship. As a girl, I can tell you now that there are sometimes no reasons for the fight, they just happen.  But when girls figure out that this time it is their boyfriend’s fault, they instantly get some epic thoughts. So here are some hilarious thoughts that girls get after fighting with their partner.

    • How could he say that to me?
    • Does he always do this to me? Am I even important
    • I think I said too much.
    • I am not going to call him until he does

    • A relationship is so hard, single life was better
    • He must apologize right now

    • How can he hang up on me like this? I am never going to talk to him now.
    • Should I threaten him to break up?

    • I think he was right? Or no I am?
    • Am I with the right person?

    • How can he shout on me like this? Even my dad hasn’t ever
    • That was pointless. But I’m still right.

    • I think I should end the fight.
    • Look at him, he looks so cute while saying sorry.

  • I am never going to fight with him again, I love him.