Tricks to handle male dominance in a relationship

How to deal with a dominating boyfriend and make your relationship better:

Both a boy and a girl play an equal role in keeping a relationship remain smooth. But, in many cases, one of the partners is responsible for creating problems which ultimately ends in making the situation worse. Being possessive is okay but dominating someone just to make her do what you like is not right. So, here are some tricks for all the girls out there who are facing male dominance and don’t know how to deal with it:

1. Try to ignore

If your guy is treating you like a slave do not let him take you for granted. Try to ignore him and maintain some distance. If you will always do his work and be with him no matter what then, you will always face the problem of dominance. So make him realize your value by changing a little bit so that he observes it and improve. Give him the importance that he deserves do not constantly show your presence to him.

2. Talk to him in a Sarcastic way

Fighting or arguing make things worse so, try to deal it with humor. Whenever he shows his bossy attitude or shout at you do not get offended. Convey your message in a smart and sarcastic way so that it directly hits him and he understands.

3. Make him feel insecure

Do not forgive him easily and just for the sake of love let things go simply. Make him realize your value and respect. Flirt with other guys or don’t meet him every day, tease him by talking about others. Because this will make him feel more concerned about you and you will get the love you deserve.

4. Stop staying quite

In a relationship, both people have to deal with things together. Always share your views and raise your voice against anything that you are not finding the right. Staying quiet may not harm your relationship but it builds a gap between both of you. So, it’s better to talk face to face and find a solution.

5. Give him a last warning

If things go beyond the lines do not wait for it to happen again. Just show your anger and warn him so that a fear of losing you builds. Adjusting on few things is okay but, losing your respect in a relationship will always hurt you. In case he still remains the same and does not make efforts to change his attitude just break the relation and move on! It’s better to do things on time before it gets too late!