Weird excuses when we are spotted with our boyfriend

Lies we make when someone sees us with our boyfriend:

In our society there are many girls who hide their relationship status as they wait for the right time to disclose about it. In such scenario when a known person or relative meets you and sees you with him it’s too awkward and scary. So, to hide the truth we mostly lie and make weird excuses, check out the most common ones below:

  • Actually he is my friends’ brother; we are going to take notes for her.
  • Hi aunty how are you? Meet my cousin Rudra, he has come yesterday only to spend some holidays here.

  • Who you are talking about? You might have seen someone else, I was all alone.
  • Oh that boy? He is my classmate, stays nearby only so thought of going back together.

  • He is my friend’s boyfriend; we were discussing about his relationship issues.
  • We are just good friends, nothing more than that. You might have misunderstood.

  • He is my brother’s friend, just going to drop me to college.
  • He is very good at economics so I have asked him to teach me.

  • We were in the same tuitions during school time.
  • He is my neighbor; I was buying grocery in the same store where he was.