Places to AVOID on your first date

First date ideas/pixabay
First date ideas/pixabay

The first date is the stepping stone to a new relationship. It can make or break you as a couple. Imagine telling your friends how you met decades from now, well you would want the best that too when you have spent ages wooing the right girl.

If you are also planning to take that special girl on a first date here are a few places you  must avoid
The temple or any religious place of worship
I have seen so many couples in religious places and they look like someone pushed them into a temple together as if  they are all set to tie the knot!. Temples for most people are sacrosanct places of worship, going there on a date is a strict no-no.
A fast food joint
This too irks me. Have a look around the famous burger fast food joint any day of the week, and you shall see so many couples falling in love over a ice-cream cone. It looks good for a teenage couples but not adults.
Shopping Mall
Walking around aimlessly and looking at expensive things you do not intend to buy is a waste of time, both yours and hers. You would never get time to talk properly. Yes, you might get great photos but what would you know about the first date except the collection at Zara and tired feet?
A family function
Calling your girl over as a ‘tution friend’ or a ‘friends cousin’ can be annoying. The woman has to dress up and respect your family without even knowing anything about you. Meet her, know her and then let her take the call if she thinks she wants to attend a family party with your family around. Save this future when you are confident about your relationship.
The gym
Yes you have the biceps to put most Bollywood to shame but don’t impose your gymming style on the new woman. She would not think you are sexy while flexing those biceps in a narcissist style. Gym is exercising and until you know that she loves to work out, steer clear of the gym as a date idea.
A drive
Drives, beer, take away food are great ideas when you are with friends. But for a first date it is miser. Please be a gentleman and take her to a nice restaurant after all you want to impress her.
Any other weird first dates you have been to? Tell us in the comments below: