How to set boundaries in a relationship

Here is the right way to set boundaries in your relationship

Spending time with our partners and friends is something that we all look forward to. No matter how relaxing it may be, sometimes we need to establish boundaries, not to look rude but to make sure the relationship remains healthy. 

Setting boundaries in a relationship does not mean you want to be unavailable. It simply means you would be comfortable having some ground rules in place to maintain a good dynamic. You can have a conversation about it and share your expectations. 

Here are some ways to set boundaries and talk about them with your close ones.

Maintain honesty in a relationship 

We often ignore our needs to avoid conflicts but that can be damaging in the long run. Always make sure, to be honest about your needs and things you are not comfortable with.

Make sure you are listening 

We try to comfort others in the way we would like to. This may not be the way to actually make them feel better. Ask your partner how they like to approach certain situations and tell them what you expect. Make sure you are actually listening and trying to understand. 

Discuss asking for help 

Asking for help can be difficult and some of us even try to communicate indirectly. We all have vulnerable spots and can even feel overwhelmed at times. If you feel comfortable, you can discuss ways of asking for help when in need. 

Find time for yourself 

It is important to find time for yourself and indulge in activities that help you feel better. Tell your close ones when you need to spend some time alone as it will help you feel better. This can also give some time away from each other. A little space is healthy in any relationship. 

Realistic time management 

If you have a lot on your plate and can’t give a major chunk of your time to your partner, tell them. Have a conversation and discuss how you can spend quality time together and set realistic expectations. 

What ways have helped you establish boundaries in relationships?