10 best dog breeds for families

Because dogs are love, here are the best breeds for your family

Whether small or big, furry or not so furry, rescued or pet dogs are just a bundle of joy. No matter what, having a dog at your home gives immense joy and love. They are there for you no matter what because for  them you are their world, love and friend.

There are many reasons because of which a dog lover is not able to take a particular breed they want. There can be problems such as the size of your apartment, society guidelines and many more. But if you really want to get a small dog and don’t know which breed to get, we at AAW have a list of 10 breeds that will best suit your preferences.

  1. Beagle:

They are the cutest breed of all. They are super friendly, playful, and gentle and are very active. They are  little sensitive so you need to really love them. His long ears and sparkling eyes are the cutest feature.

  1. Lhasa Apso:

They are very loyal and loving towards their owners and are small watchdogs. They would love to play around with you but with their own rules. This is the reason they might get a little suspicious of outsiders, therefore, early socialization is important.

Lhasa Apso
  1. Dachshund:

They are adventurous, daring and curious. They love hunting, chasing and digging. They are very adaptable which makes them the perfect family companion. They are a blend of hound and terrier. If they feel some kind of a danger to you, they will do anything to protect you. They are very brave and fearless in nature.

  1. Maltese:

They are simply adorable which makes them irresistible. First look at them and people would just want to hug them. Don’t misjudge them by their size, they are very brave and fearless and on the other hand very gentle, friendly, energetic and playful too. This breed needs daily brushing otherwise ticks would make these lovely hair their home.

  1. Petit Basset:

They are nicknamed the “Happy Breed”. They require an active household because this breed is very active and playful therefore, requires daily exercise. They are independent, confident, and alert. They require weekly brushing to avoid ticks.

Petit Basset
  1. English Cocker Spaniel:

They are the most popular and loved breed. They are gundogs, affectionate towards its family members. Their tails never stop wagging, which is such a cute trait. They do not require daily brushing, but just need to be scanned for ticks once a while.

English Cocker Spaniel
  1. Yorkshire Terriers:

They are very lively, energetic, inquisitive and alert. They easily adapt to changing environment. They might be small in their size, but are very brave and bold. They are very particular about their belongings and will start to mark its territory. Their long coat requires regular brushing.

Yorkshire Terriers
  1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

They are nicknamed the “The Comforter Spaniel”. They are super cute, devoted, and affectionate. They can adapt to different environments but require daily exercise. As they are a companion dogs, they are loyal and even tempered. They have a double coat, hence require daily brushing.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  1. Shih Tzu:

This breed is loyal, happy and playful. They craves for your love and would just want to spend all their day with you. They are very alert, clever and courageous making them small guard dogs. This breed is friendly towards people and doesn’t require a lot of exercise, but their coat requires regular brushing.

Shih Tzu
  1. Pug:

Pugs are docile and quiet but strong willed. They are intelligent, loving and lively. They don’t like strangers but if familiar then they are very affectionate. They bark if they feel some kind of danger, making them good guard dogs as well. They will require a lot attention from you. Pugs need to exercise for at least 15 minutes daily.


We hope this list helps easing your decision. Dogs are an amazing partner to have besides you. If you plan on taking one of these dogs, do let us know how you fell about it.