How to host Republic Day lunch for your family

Here are some ways to host a Republic Day lunch at home for your family.

Republic Day celebrations won’t be the same this year as the pandemic still looms. This doesn’t mean you will miss out on the chance to celebrate the occasion, it is best to tweak your plans just a little bit.

Source- Restaurant India

Family lunch is a great option if you want to celebrate the national holiday with your loved ones and you can do a lot of things at home while keeping the safety rules and precautions in mind. Hosting a perfect lunch will also give you a chance to spend some quality time with them.

Here are some ideas and ways that will help you plan a wonderful lunch for your family.

  • Host a theme lunch

Since it is Republic Day, you can make various Indian dishes from each part of the country and even a tri-color dish in the spirit of the occasion.

  • Dress up in colors of Indian flag

Set a dress code for the party and ask the guests to wear white, green or orange outfits. This will also make the occasion instragram-mable.

  • Host a potluck

You can ask your family members to get their favourite Indian dish for the lunch and make them feel included.

  • Arrange for flag hoisting ceremony

Honor the Indian soldiers and show love for your country by hoisting a flag in the spirit of the occasion. You can also ask kids to prepare for a performance on Republic day.

  • Make extra food to be distributed

You can make the occasion more memorable by sharing your affection with less fortunate people. Make some extra food and share it with people who would appreciate the gesture. Include your family members in this activity too.

Here are some ways to host a Republic Day lunch. How do you plan to spend the day?