Irritating things every Mom does on social media

Things Mothers do on social media:

In today’s time along with the young generation, even our parents are very fond of social media. From instagram to facebook they have their accounts on it and some are so obsessed that without even knowing the correct way to use they just make their profile. This becomes really irritating for the children as they get tired of their mom doing weird things on it. So, here are the most common ones that almost every Mother does:

  • No matter whether it’s relevant or not, she tags you everywhere.
  • Comment on your every picture and those comments are not the normal ones they are too cheesy like my baby, nona etc.

  • Follow your office page and stalk your colleagues and then, at last, send them friend requests.
  • Share your embarrassing childhood photos, some have missing teeth whereas the others are without clothes.

  • They make a lot of grammatical mistakes and write weird things on other’s wall by mistake.
  • They love using emojis but not at the right time and for the right person.

  • Their bio on Facebook is a little weird as they give their introduction like an essay.
  • They never get tired from stalking you. Always want to know where you are and with whom.

  • Posts pictures in the same pose for 10 times. Never check before uploading their pictures.
  • If they are on any trip then you can see that destination without even going there through their social media accounts.