Life lessons you get after staying away from home

Leaving home for work or studies make us realize what is most important in our lives.

“When I moved out of home, it not only felt odd but was also difficult in many major aspects. For the first few months all I gained were lessons to be never forgotten. They weren’t subtle but full of knowledge and enriching experiences”, says Rashmi Sehgal, a  second year college student.

Life has to do things to make you realize the importance of home. There will always be countless lessons that you would learn when you too step out of the comfort of the four walls of your home.


1) Family is family

No matter how much your friends love or care for you but nothing can replace the family. No matter how much you love living away from home, your heart always goes out to people back at home. You start valuing your relationships more.

2) Nothing better than MAA KE HAATH KA KHANA

The salt less curry and half cooked vegetables in the mess makes you crave for home cooked food. You realize that restaurant food is good but nothing can beat ‘maa ke haath ka khanna’.


3) Cleaning is actually a chore

Remember when you got back home from school, everything was top-notch clean and tidy without a speck of dust? Well turns out it didn’t happen on its own. Living away from home gives you a reality check about how keeping the place you live in, clean is actually a job that you meticulously have to do.

4) Getting sick in a bane

Back in good old days, fever meant your mom cooking your favorite soup, massaging your head, taking care of you and putting you away in bed with  love. But in a hostel you have to take care of yourself so you never want to fall sick as there is no one to take care of you with all that love and affection.

5) Money counts

Getting money right out of dad’s wallet was easy but it becomes the real deal when you have an ATM card and a budget to maintain. Money really holds a lot of value as you have to spend wisely. You finally earn and manage on your own which makes you feel proud too.

6) You learn to solve problem

Though it takes a little while but you learn to solve all your problems independently.

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