Things to do after getting married!

Below is the list of few things that you must do immediately after getting married:

There are few things that you need to  complete right after you tie the knot. The marriage phase officially starts when you come back from the honeymoon, and there is so much that you must do in the first couple of months of your marriage. So here is the list of things

  • Get your marriage registered

Make it the first thing that you do after as soon as you return back from honeymoon.

  • Do a diet

    Salad bowl
    Salad bowl

Since you would have indulged a lot in junk and sweets so get back to healthy eating and workout so that you can fit into your wedding trousseau.

  • Store your wedding attire

    Lehenga box
    Lehenga box

Your wedding dress will always be your lovely memory of the big day of your life. Get it professionally cleaned and store it properly.

  • Thank you notes

    Thank you note
    Thank you note

Write thank you notes/messages to everyone who congratulated you on your wedding. Everyone did their part to attend your wedding and make your day memorable, both of you should take out some time and thank them.

  • Update your marital status


Take out some spare time and check all your social media profiles. Update your marital status and share your happiness with the world. Not only on social media, update it on the documents where you need to add your spouse’s name.

  • Plan your finances

After this big day, you must check on your account. Sit together and decide how you are going to manage your expenses. After getting married it is important that both of you share your account details with each other and manage your financial situation in a transparent way.

  • Collect/share pictures

Ask your family and friends to share all the pictures that they clicked. After that check with your photographer for the photographs and videos.

  • Review your vendors

You must appreciate the people who did their best to make your wedding successful. A great way to do it is to write a review about them on their social media profiles and personally. It will also help other couples to explore the right vendors. You can do that for your makeup artists, wedding planners, photographers and the venue etc.