Tips for children to take care of their mother

Randeep hooda with mom
Randeep hooda with mom

Tips for children to take care of their mother:

A mother does everything for her child. Now its children’s turn to repay her for the sacrifices she made. Dr. Kiran Rukadikar from Rukadikar’s Speciality Clinic for Weight loss; Lifestyle Modification & Nutrition Therapy gets simple tips for children on how to take care of their mothers .Show the affection to your mom and what she really means to you.

1. Packing: Do all your school and extra activities packing on your own – it not only relieves her from extra work but also sense of well being that my child is grown up.

2. Look at her schedule:  See if you can perform some tasks so that she can have a leisure time  ‘HER TIME ‘ . But make sure she gets complete relaxation and you perform the task as perfect as she would have done. Examples – It can be from simple making the bed , ordering a gas cylinder online , buying a vegetable etc.

3. Check her health status: Ensure that she meets her physician regularly,  takes her medicine and follows the advice properly. Try to find reasons if she is not following. Most of the times it is just the paucity of time due to commitment to you .

4. Go for a walk with her: Be her friend.  She may have missed many of them just for you. Make sure she exercises at least 10 – 12 hours in a week.

5. Change your eating habits:  At times you may require to eat as per her need. Say if she is unfortunate and have caught with diabetes or obesity , you don’t order or eat sweets in front of her. Its human to have appetite for that. Help her following the diet suitable for her.

So if you seriously love your mom, start out gradually and give it a try with tips by Dr. Kiran Rukadikar.