‘Right’ advices by our mom’s we understand later

Things that our Mothers used to tell us:

Mothers are the most beautiful beings, every one of us are luckily blessed to have. At many times we get irritated from her over concerned behavior but later in life we realize some lessons that she used to teach us. So, here check out some advice by our Moms that we understand only after growing up.

Never let anyone take you for granted

During our teenage, mothers get concern about our obsession with our friends so that they just don’t use us for money and truly care for us. However, at that moment we just think that she has some problem with our buddies. Later in college, we realize that everyone is selfish in their own ways and being practical over emotional is a great idea.

Self-respect is important

For every person self-respect is really important, we should never forget about our individuality. Don’t throw unnecessary attitude but do show where it is really required. Always being sweet and lovable is also harmful and the weak point that people hits.

No one can ever replace your family’s place

No matter how much friends, boyfriends or girlfriends you have no one can ever replace your family’s place and do what they can. They are there in all your tough times and never backstab you when you need them the most.

Life is all about ups and downs

You don’t always get cherry on the cake, be prepared for both the sides of the coin. Life is not easy and always comfortable you have to cross the hurdles and achieve what you want. The real winner is the one who never lose hope.

Savings are important

Always be prepared for your expenses and spend according to your budget. Never compare yourself with others; savings are really important for the times when you are broke. So, always keep 10% of your total salary aside and see you would never go out of cash.

Be Independent

No doubt almost every parent wants their daughter to tie a knot with the person who deserves her and can take care of her needs but, the future is very uncertain. Stand on your own feet and be that capable that even your life partner knows your worth and you don’t have to always beg for your desires.