Cure pores to prevent acne


Many women in India suffer from open pores. But do we really know what are they? Pores are tiny holes on the surface of your skin through which the hair emerges. The pores do not actually open or close but constant dirt and humidity clog them with dust and bacteria making them visible. Opening pores by using steam loosens the dirt inside and the dirt and blackheads get removed easily.

It is impossible to get rid of pores, close them permanently or shrink them. The only solution to make them less visible is by keeping them clean. Pores get visible as they attract dirt which gets mixed with sebum oils of the face leading to black or white heads and in many cases acne.

 Reason: Open pores are usually present in oily and acne prone skin because of the oil activity of the oil glands of the face. Hormonal changes after puberty, increased androgens and genetics too play a major role.


•Wash your face at least 3 to 4 times a day with a face wash meant only for oily skin.

•Multani mitti or Fuller’s earth, sandalwood and citrus fruit packs can be used to reduce open pores.

• For severe cases topical retinoids (vitamin A creams) are prescribed by a dermatologist which must be used at night.

•Tomato juice if applied regularly can tighten the pores and reduce oil build up.

•You can also use toners depending on skin types.

•Applying pineapple, peaches and papaya pulp or juice is also very helpful.

•Rubbing ice cube over the face before going out also helps minimize the size of the pores.

•Lazer is another option for pores which can’t be treated with the regular remedies.

With inputs from Dr Navin Taneja, Director of the National Skin Centre