Signs that you aren’t ready to have kids

A few red flags if you are planning a family!

Becoming a parent is one of the most special feelings but it also means immense responsibilities. Both the mother and, the father need to be mature enough to understand this before really planning one! It’s not that easy task how it seems to be, so here we have listed down some signs that show you are not ready for a baby and want time.

  • You can never compromise with your freedom, it’s the most important thing for you.

  • You and your partner are having personal relationship issues.
  • Still confused with what to do in life and, how to achieve that goal.

  • Don’t have a proper financial plan and savings to take care of the baby and his needs.
  • Party and friends are something that you would never miss for anyone.

  • Easily get annoyed when see little kids around.
  • Dependent on your parents for most of the things.

  • Keep misplacing things, can’t take care of your belongings because of the lax attitude you have.
  • Always fail in maintaining a strong bond with dear ones. Easily get manipulated which results in misunderstandings.

  • Don’t want anything to change in your life, just want you and your partner to remain the same.
  • Are doing it under pressure.