Smart ways to feel warm this winter

Quirky tips to Winter survival

Winter layering
Winter layering

Just last week, my mother came to stay with me to help me around my exams. Not sugar coating, however few days that she was here, winters for me didn’t feel like winters at all- literally!

Winters are, let’s face it, tough, to say the least. Your veins freeze up, and shivers run down your spine if you hate this weather like I do. To ease it, I’ve combined some of the important things that would help lessen the effects of cold:
Draw open those curtains

The best possible way is to make use of your curtains and windows smartly. The more insulation you get on cold days, the better it is. Therefore, you need to know when to spread the curtains away and when to draw them back together. On cold winter days, you can grab your share of warmth by opening up the curtains when the sunshines bright in the sky and closing them when evening sets in. That way you can make sure that the warm air is trapped inside the room and the cold air stays outside.



Winter survival

Hot food

Winters, bring with them, a need to stay warm. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to eat foods that keep you warm. Eating foods like eggs, rasins and peanuts can give you enough warmth. You can also add ginger tea to your diet to increase health benefits during summers.


Food at Pahadi House

Cold weather clothing

The better way to not let cold get to you is by blocking out anything that can cause that to happen. One of the lesser known things that you can do if you wear cloth shoes is that you can make it waterproof by rubbing a candle on the shoes and blow-drying it until it melts. That way you can prevent the shoes from getting wet, thus making them warmer.

Blow-dry your clothes

At some point or the other all of us have experienced the agony of wearing clothes that feel ice-cold, coming straight from the wardrobe. A quick way to escape it is letting your clothes get a whiff of hot air from the blow dryer so that you can protect your skin from coming in contact with the cold clothes.

Well, we hope that you shall try them this winter and stay warm!