Things to do when being stalked

Steps to follow if you feel you are being stalked :

Famous people are not the only ones who are being stalked. Common people like us also, sadly, get stalked too. Your stalker could be your friend, ex-lover or any other random stranger. Being stalked is a daunting experience. This can leave a person disheartened, scared and powerless. If you are ever in doubt that you are being followed use some feasible tips which will help you out.

  • Take it seriously
    Always trust your gut feeling. If you ever sense something wrong or unsafe, do not try to make excuses in your mind to avoid the situation. Go to a safer place and do not be afraid to take actions against the stalker. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!
  • Helpline numbers
    There are many apps which ensure your safety. Download SOS apps like Raksha app, redeye app which let your loved ones know if you are in danger. Also, have some helpline numbers on your phone.
    1091: Women helpline number Pan India
    1096: Anti stalking/ obscene call helpline for Delhi
Call helpline
Call helpline
  • Avoid staying alone
    Do not stay alone for a long period of time. Go to crowded places. Instead of waiting for someone on a street, go into a coffee shop. If you are alone in a car, make sure to lock  properly.
  • Always carry a pepper spray
Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray

The streets of the city are perilous nowadays. Your safety is in your hands only. Always carry things which can help you in danger. Pepper spray is the most convenient and effecting item to carry.

  • Call the authorities
    Most women panic approaching the police. Safety comes first and you must inform the nearest authorities when in danger. Do not hesitate. Complain to Cyber Crime cell, if stalked online.

Be powerful and show strength in these kinds of situation.