Things to do when you can’t sleep

Here are few things that you can practice when you can’t sleep:

There are many reasons one can’t sleep on time and needs to consult a doctor in case of serious sleep disorders. But at times you are not sleepy and want to do something so here are a few things you can do apart from stalking people on social media.

  • Finish a book

There are many books that we buy thinking to read during free time but never actually get that time. This is the best when you can finish it up and as you go through it reading for hours, this may make you feel sleepy as well.

  • Listen to music

Some simple soothing music might be perfect for getting your eyes to droop. Listening to your favorite songs you can feel calm and happy and this may further help in making you sleep. Sometimes the unbearable silence is what’s keeping you up—so, try white noise music to fill the space with subtle sounds.

  • Workout

It’s better to work on keeping the body fit than lying on the bed uselessly when you can’t rest. Try workouts and if not go for meditation or yoga for keeping the body calm and healthy.

  • Watch TV

Watch TV

Watch your favorite series or movies and finish watching all the episodes at a go.

  • Draw

There is no need to be a great artist to draw. Clear your mind by drawing out whatever you like or are thinking.

  • Cook

Take advantage of this insomnia and cook something that you love and can use the next day for lunch or snacks.

  • Eat late-night snack

Grab something from the kitchen and fill your stomach. Maybe it is because you are hungry that you can’t sleep! Instead of lying on the bed, change your mood by having cookies or a bowl of ice cream.