Thoughts you get while meeting your Fiance’s Mother

Things that come in mind when we go to meet our Mother-in-law to be:

Be it love or an arranged marriage, almost every girl goes through that phase when she is asked to meet her mother in law for the first time. Though it feels great two have two moms at the same time, it’s also a natural anxiety moment. So, here we have listed down some common thoughts that women get while meeting their Fiance’s Mother:

  • Oh my god! Why am I so nervous? Not every mother in law is evil.
  • I have met her earlier also but why I am steel feeling so shy? What if she says that I have to change my dressing sense?

  • Is she coming to talk about something very serious or just a normal conversation?
  • I should be thankful to her because she is the mother of the man I love and he is just so perfect, all the credit goes to her.

  • I hope she is okay with all my future plans.
  • I should also treat her like he does, after all it’s his mother and by default even I have to love her the same way.

  • Am I wearing the right clothes? I hope she does not find my makeup too loud!
  • I should stop watching these saas-bahu serials, they are freaking up my mind right now.

  • Should I pretend to be something else or just be the way I am?
  • I think I am his fiancé now, so even I am a part of their family. Maybe I am just over thinking and getting so anxious.