Ways you can learn to cook

Want to learn cooking? Here is how:

Dissatisfied with the food your maid cooks and eating out every day seems to be taking its toll? The best thing you can do for yourself is to learn cooking at home. It might seem very hard and hectic but is not when you love the food and know it’s the thing you are working hard for. Food cooked at home can be deliciously healthy, you can make it for a few days and store in the fridge and also it cuts down a lot of bills. We bring the ways you can learn cooking and stop ordering and wasting much on outside food.

Take help from parents

Always learn from your parents as they are attuned to putting nutrition over taste buds.  While the food might not be drenched in butter, it will keep you fitter in the long run. They know your likes and are always willing to help. Go forward and take help to cook that favorite meal so that you can learn. PS you can also write down or record the steps for ease in the future.

Cook often

The best way to learn cooking is to cook often.  From many people you might have heard, we learnt slowly as we cooked, and this is seriously the fact! Cook at least three times a week and watch your skills improve.

Read a cookbook

Cook book
Cook book

Though it’s sounds obvious but for those who do not find reading important, trust us, it’s true! It not only provides step by step instructions but also gives you a brief of what ingredients to use. There are many things we might not even think we would need, but it helps to remember for beginners.

Watch cooking shows

Cooking channels can help a great deal! Even I tried it and was helped a lot with the shows that teach to make different things.  Seeing someone prepare the ingredients and following the instructions same way is just what we look for. It not only makes learning easy but is interesting and entertaining as well. For Indian food I love watching this channel called OPOS and you can cook literally everything in 2-5 mins flat.

Make what you like

Make what you like
Make what you like

Your stomach always tells when you are hungry, so listen to it. You may think you cannot make good food but many times hunger makes you do crazy and helpful things. Look into your refrigerator and try to make simple items to eat. Go first with the easiest thing and make what you like!

What are you starting with as your first self-made dish?