List of household items I realized we all need! 

Check out the list of household items that I realized I wish had in lockdown:

From washing dishes to cleaning and dusting, all of us have become household chore experts in lockdown. Well, this lockdown has taught us a lot of things about life. During the lockdown time, when you are moping all on your own, don’t you just wish that you must have ordered that product you once saw on television? Well, while working these few days I realized that we need some products that we don’t have. Check out the list below: 

  • Dishwasher

We depend a lot on domestic help and hence these devices sound like unnecessary investments for us. But during the lockdown I wished I had one. Because bartan kabhi khatam hi nahi hote. 

  • Vacuum cleaner

Cleaning becomes easy with this product. 

  • Magic mop 

I never imagined mopping will be so easy with this one. 

  • Gym equipment 

Working out is a part of routine for many of us, I wish i had some gym equipment at home. 

  • Hand duster brush 

Dusting is a task but with this brush it becomes easy. 

  • Washing gloves 

They are very useful 

  • Nonstick cookware

Well, we have few things, but i think a whole set is needed. 

  • Baking products 

Cooking is one thing that has kept us occupied in lockdown. 

  • Step stool 

This one is really helpful 

  • Palm soap dispenser 

Solution for the times when your hands are dirty and you just want some soap. 

  • Cleaning wipes 

They are needed 

  • Swimming pool 

An inflatable pool is something that all of us need. 

  • Scent diffuser 

A calming diffuser can help you feel better and peaceful. 

Is there something else that you think all of us need?