10 ridiculous things people ask you post-marriage

From following customs and wearing traditional to your impending unplanned babies

Woman Slaps His Forehead In An Oh-no Moment/freedigitalphoto
Woman Slaps His Forehead In An Oh-no Moment/freedigitalphoto

After getting hitched life does change in many ways but some  people love asking bizarre questions. It is difficult to answer them and be polite at the same time. Check out the silly question which almost  every newly married woman is asked

1.       Babies

‘When will I become grandmother?’

‘Any good news?’

Yes, babies are the next step in most marriages but not everyone wants to get knocked up day one post-wedding. Friends, family everyone has the same question to the point you feel lets have one and stop this inquisition!

2.       Weight

Your weight will be under constant scrutiny. If you gain they will think you are pregnant, if you lose your in-laws aren’t feeding you well!

It can be irritating as many couples have crash dieted for the wedding and tend to let go of exercising which leads to weight gain but the scrutiny can make it annoying.

3.       Surname:

‘Ohh! So you are now Mrs blah blah.’

So what if you don’t want to change your maiden surname or keep both the surnames the questions won’t end.

4.       Meeting friends

Many people still think getting married is a big huddle in your freedom. I mean why would any sane husband or wife stop the other one from meeting their social circle? Marriage means making friends with you other half’s friends not behaving in some insecure maniac style.

5.       Work

‘You still working?’

‘Does he allow you to work?’

Again it is an insane question. Would you ask my husband the same question? However, many people still live with the mind-set that a husband is the bread winner of the family.

6.       Rituals

‘You wear chooda/ sindoor/ mangalsutra now, is it compulsory?’

Each family has its own set of rituals and by following them you are bestowing respect. People expect women to rebel in such places (we are still to figure out why. Tell us below if you have any idea!) Personally I love sindoor and it was a childhood fantasy to apply it, what does it have to do with anyone?

Get ready for Post Wedding questions
Get ready for Post Wedding questions

7.       Married life

‘So how’s married life?’

‘How is your hubby treating you?’

See, asking about married life is general chit-chat but asking how your hubby treats you and other questions have nothing to do with you. Often people ask downright ridiculous things like, he loves you, what all do you cook for him, or, did you guys have your first fight yet!

8.       In laws

When a wedding in India talks place, most families wait for the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law bickering to start. Many relatives and friends take pleasure in getting you to speak evil about your in-laws. In fact I have seen people get disappointed when I tell them I am on great terms with my in-laws.

9.       Your clothes/His clothes

You have become more stylish, your hair has become great post-wedding. His dress sense has changed. You look fat in your clothes. Does your husband allow you to wear that?

Scrutinizing your post-wedding looks will be a constant thing for many people. In fact they expect you to have changed personalities all together!

10.   Vacations

Asking briefly about your honeymoon destination is good but people expect you to have raked in millions and become a jet setter, regular vacation goer suddenly.