Avoid constant fights with your partner

Why those fights signal bigger issues

Couple arguement
Couple arguement/pixabay

Relationship 101 to avoid constant arguments

Don’t all couples have those small episode of fighting. Arguments are often misunderstandings that due to stress take the ugly form of fights. While many times we all have a fight pattern, argument and then yelling or sulking are often the unreasonable side effects. Arguments don’t only create stress I’m a relationship, your family and kids also suffer. Such environment is not good for your mental health too. Here are some tips to avoid those misunderstandings:

Don’t repeat arguments
Often we all have a set fighting pattern it begins with an argument and quickly escalates too abuses and the past issues crop up. Often lack of time or not helping the house work are the main reasons. Try avoiding the past discussions. Arguments often escalate because frustrations of the past come up and make the rift huger.

Don’t insult the family
Family is our pride, especially Indian men get easily offended if you discuss their family. Bring up any person who is not near in am argument will only worsen in. Women have a habit of blaming or bad mouthing their in-laws this creates unnecessary stress in a relationship. Often a man doesn’t respect women who blame their parents. Until the problem is huge or has a conflict with his family refrain from this topic.

Don’t say something you would regret
Anger, red hot anger can make you crazy and you end up saying a lot more than you mean. Crass words cannot be taken back. Try and avoid saying words you would have a hard time giving explanations for.

Own up your mistakes
Mistakes are a big reason for arguments. See both sides of the story and own up your mistakes. It will help you build a healthier relationship. There are always two sides of the

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Don’t use the ‘but’
The word but implies situations or things you both cannot control. “But you said you will be on time”, “but you promised to take care”. Control the ‘But’ to take a control of your fight and situation.

PS a huge bouquet of flowers or chocolates can end all fights too.