Best ways to show your love

Romantic ways to show your love

When valentines day is around we all talk about love and expressing love but once it gets over we forget everything. But we believe that expressing love should not be restricted to one day so Team AAW tells you little ways to do some lovey-dovey through out year without burning a hole in the pocket. All these small gestures will have loads of positive effect on your relationship so start doing it right away.

Post it on the wall
Post it on the wall

Love note: Send your sweet, short and sexy text or email to your partner during office hours or you can even leave a romantic note on the pillow before leaving for work. You can even sneak a sexy note into the pocket of his/her pants.

Plan a surprise outing: Start with dinner at your partner’s favorite restaurant followed by a drive with romantic songs. You can even go for a bike ride.

Send gifts: Send flowers, chocolates, cakes or cupcakes without any specific reason but to express how much you love her because girls love surprises.

Photoshoot: one thing I missed during our dating and wedding time was a photoshoot, it was not popular then. But that shouldn’t I stop you to get a one now Have a romantic or sexy photo session done together. You can click some pictures of both if you and make a romantic album.

Kiss: Kiss when you leave in the morning and when you get home at night. Small gestures of love go a long way.

Cook for her: Surprise her one day by cooking something for her. Even if you are not a good cook a maggi, an omelette or stuffed toasters are pretty simple to make or else check on youtube.

Shower together: On weekends , try to take shower together and spend some cosy time with your partner.

Go for a walk/pixabay
Go for a walk/pixabay

Extra time: Try to take out some spare time and start a hobby or activity together. Join some sports club and go for swimming or play any other sport together. You can even take a late-night, hand-in-hand stroll around your neighborhood.

Snuggle: Once you are done with an intimate love making session, snuggle for sometime even if you are tired because thats the best time.

Surprise her: Come early from work someday and surprise your partner. You can even go for a walk or shopping.

Recreate your favourite date: Recall all the feelings you had for each other on the first or your favorite date by redoing it.
Declare a day of the week: Decide a day of the week and always spend that day together, even if you just snuggle on the couch together.