Date night ideas for busy parents

Quality couple time date night ideas for parents

Parents are occupied with their kids half the time and find it difficult to make time for each other for dates. Couples often tell they wish to spend some quality time with their partners but responsibilities keep them from doing so. 


Valentine’s is around the corner and if you are a parent, you might be thinking of planning something for your beloved that does not require going out of the way. 

Here are some date night ideas for busy parents that can help you plan a romantic night. 

A nice stroll in the park 

If you have not been able to catch up with your partner and wish you had time to talk about anything other than kids and family, this is your chance. Find a nice park, preferably with pretty lamps and take a quick stroll. It is also great from a health perspective and doesn’t involve too much planning. 

TV show marathon and pizza 

The best way to unwind and spend time with your partner is by putting on your favorite show and ordering in. This low-cost and easy to plan date is just perfect if you don’ have time to get dressed and go out and this way, you even get to be around your children if you can’t leave them alone. 


A dessert date 

Take your partner out for a dessert after having your meal. End the day on a sweet note without having to spend too much time away or adjusting your schedule. 

Home-cooked fancy meal 

Want to have a fancy valentine’s dinner but don’t have time to go out? Surf the internet and find the recipes of your most favorite dish. Prepare a nice spread for your partner and add wine to this surprise. 

A quick trip to the theatre 

If you have been planning to catch a show and don’t mind staying up a bit late then take your partner out for a movie at night. This way, you get to spend some time together if the movie turns out great, it would be cherry on the top!

Here are some Date night ideas for parents. Remember, whatever you do, your partner will appreciate your efforts and be delighted to see you taking an initiative!