Homework and its horror

Thoughts that one gets when loaded with homework

“I hope the whole class has completed yesterday’s homework?” The moment the teacher says this, half of the class is goes in the danger zone. Students always run away from homework and the same was with me. Homework makes us think the teacher was not in a mood of teaching and thus ended up giving work from home. It is always hated and so is  the teacher who gives it. The worst is forgetting it and then standing in the punishment the next morning.  I am currently struggling to motivate myself to actually do my homework, and I figured I would share some of the thoughts that regularly pop into my head while trying to finish assignments

Seeing Homework every student has the same reaction


Homework is always too boring and here is what students think while doing homework:

      • Who the hell was the person who gave the idea of homework?
      • When would I ever be free of homework?

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    • The teacher is mad, she always gives so much home work but never teaches properly.
    • Is it possible that everybody forgets that homework ever existed?
    • Has everybody done their homework? This is the most hated sentence.


  • Who gives so much homework?
  • I want to run away from school
  • I hate my life
  • When will the school come to an end so that there is no homework?

Teachers know that nobody loves doing homework  but they still give it. School is the best place as we make lifelong friends but the home work part is the worst and should be banned.