Living separately post-marriage a good idea?

Living Apart Together (LAT relationships) are perfect!

We are a generation that has challenged many social norms over the decade and has put an end to many conservative patterns of living. Some people love to abide by them and others are unable to make sense of it. 

One such social obligation is living together as a married couple. Many people in the USA and Canada have experimented with the idea of Living Apart Together (LAT relationship) and have not been disappointed. 

Couples who have different habits, different outlooks, interests, etc. have been able to save their marriage that otherwise would have fallen apart. LAT relationships are a great option for couples who want their own space and enjoy engaging themselves in activities that their partners don’t necessarily enjoy. Living in separate space also makes you look forward to meeting your partner and the two of you may grow even more fond of each other. 

Many celebrities including Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook, Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk and Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin have made the LAT relationship work. 

Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin

This arrangement also gives many couples to work out their differences and the ones who don’t agree with each other’s way of living find a way to be themselves, even while being married. 

Many marriage counselors have advised couples seeking counseling to try living apart and see if it makes their relationship better. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a different area, it works just fine if the couple lives in the same building or separate floors. 

So is it possible to live separately and still make your marriage work? Yes, it is and many have made it work successfully for themselves. It is not as bizarre as it sounds and definitely a considerable idea.