Propose day ideas for married couples

5 promises you can make to each other

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We all have celebrated the whole valentines week at some point, probably as our younger selves. But this year try doing things differently. Give your partner a surprise by making this week special. While I don’t say go overboard on the gifts, it is the small heartfelt gestures that matter. Here are 5 promises you can make to your partner:



  1. Spend no technology time together
    With the coming of technology, we all are always stuck on our phones. From sending messages to browsing snapchat we are all always hooked to something o our phones. Promise to make a conscious effort to ignore the phone, tv etc for a minimum time daily. Maybe an hour to start with?
  2. Help in household chores
    Whoever decided house work was only for women never knew the amount of effort it requires. Help around in simple chores, like folding the sheets when she is not looking or clearly over-worked. She would notice and be thankful!
  3. I will cook tonight

Once in a while every man should enter the kitchen and try cooking some delicious food. Yes, it may not always come out right but that is the beauty of good food. The best way is to cook some pasta or chicken. Quick and easy!


  1. Take her on a drive and promise to do that often
    In the hectic ways of life we forget how and when we feel in love. Those crazy meetings and drives on a bike or a car. The best way is to incorporate that puppy love into your life now and go on a romantic drive to relive those days!


  1. Surprise him with a session of love, lust and all that matters!

Women always have excuses when it comes to rumpling the sheets! So this propose day surprise him by initiating the action.