Married? Here’s what not to share with friends!

Keep these a secret for a happier married life

When you get into a relationship, you tend to brag a bit about all you do together as a couple Now a days couples post pictures on social media platforms and tell the world what exactly they are up to. But you do you know that the most important aspect of a strong relationship is to keep it away from the world. ” One of my friend used to post her financial problems and what not on her facebook and many of our friends made fun of her and her husband”, says Nikita Kapoor, a homemaker.


Sometimes it’s important to keep a little secrecy and enjoy each other’s company. So here is a list of 5 things that you should not share with your friends

Intimate specifics:

Bedroom information should stay between the couple itself. Do not talk to your close friends about your sex life or what are his likes and dislikes in the bedroom. All this is personal information which only you need to know. Imagine if the roles were reversed; you would have been super furious.

Family issues:

You don’t need to tell everyone if you don’t like his family or a particular member. Be careful of what you say as it might harm your relationship with him. You cannot like everyone, but you can always act that you do.

Financial problems:

For a guy it is really important that his partner’s friends and family respect him. So you don’t need to go around telling everyone if he has a few bad days or if you ever helped him financially.

The first times:

Every couple has their first date, first kiss, first hand holding and much more. Well, you should not go around telling people about these memories as they might just lose their charm. Such special moments are supposed to be between you and your partner.

Don’t be mysterious:

If you have something bothering you about your relationship, then rather than posting cryptic posts on social media, try and talk to your partner and solve the issue. There is already a lot of confusion in this world, we do not need more.

There are special moments in a relationship that you would want to share it with the world, but not everything is meant for everyone to know. There should be some secrecy between the two of you.