Thoughts girls get about their future mother-in-laws

Hilarious things that come in girls mind about their mother in laws to be:

In our society almost every girl has a typical misconception that mother in laws are evil, but this is not right. No matter how good or bad they turn out to be in future, before that a lot of funny thoughts related to them come in our mind. So, check out some of the most common ones below:

  • Will she allow me wearing shots even after marriage?
  • What if she asks me to get up early in the morning? I can’t wake up before 10!

  • I hope she will not be biased; he should also get lectures equally.
  • Huh what if she will also be like every other evil saas which our Indian tv serials showcase.

  • I wish she is okay with late night parties.
  • What will I do if she will shout at me unnecessarily? Should I argue or just stay quiet?

  • I hope she knows that after marriage her son should no more be a mama’s boy.
  • What if she will be a villain who always wants fights at home?

  • What will be her reaction after I will tell her that I don’t know cooking?
  • Shit, she will always be poking me in the kitchen.

  • Will I also have to go and attend her boring kitty parties?
  • Oh God, how will I stay with a dominant lady like her?