Complicated things boys say!

Boys can be one tangled and twisted mess. There are times when they mean something while just do just the opposite of it. We can’t live with them neither without them and  sometimes we wish there was a map to their maze like brain.

Here are a few things boys do that leave us absolutely confused

He will meet you every day for an entire week; and then will disappear. He will just vanish without a word, leaving you thinking that he is upset with you. On his arrival back, he expects you to act all cool and normal about it.

After so much flirting, he says he isn’t into you like that. Wait! What does that supposed to mean? Well, after he says this, he also tells you not to flirt with other people. In such a situation you just want to tell him, “dude get your head sorted!”

He will chase you until you give in. He will try his best to get you, and then he will ask you if you are ready for someone in your life. If he only wanted to ask this, then why was he trying so hard to woo you?

He takes you out, but then says that it wasn’t a date. But then after the meal, he messages you that he had an amazing time and would love to meet you again. Well, confused is an understatement for such a situation.

He will talk to you on the phone till 4 in the morning and then says that it wasn’t flirting. Hmm..who just talks to a girl till 4 in the morning?

The most annoying part is when boys admit they really love a girl, but then says they aren’t ready for any type of commitment.

First he assures you that he is okay with taking things slow, as you are still thinking about the whole relationship. But then takes you to a family function where his entire family is present.

There are times he will take you on some magical dates. Later its puzzling when he introduces you as his “new friend” to his old friends.

He also explains you how desperate he is to meet you and just can’t wait. But then, never makes a plan.

Last but not the least is, when he talks about the kind of girl he want (who sounds just like you), but then hits on another girl who is completely opposite to what he described.


The brain or thoughts of a boy are complicated as well as twisted. No one can really figure them out. They really need to stop confusing us and get their thoughts straighten out.