Why you shouldn’t play marriage counselor

Why helping a couple is not the greatest idea

Dont try meddling in a marriage
Don’t try meddling in a marriage

Many of us often come to crossroads where our friends are splitting or getting divorced. And often both the injured parties seek our support and want us to play favourites. It becomes difficult as a friend to balance things out, often we have their best interests in our minds but things can often get ugly and you can be blamed for creating the whole issue! So we at AAW decided to pre-warn all friends who love to play agony aunts to such couples to beware! Things often turn for the worse because at some point both parties are going to vent out their anger on you.

Here we list the top reasons why you should avoid this trap:

You will never know the ‘whole’ story: Your friend might tell you how bad or ruthless the other person and what he did. This is quite common and you will perceive your friend as the injured party.

Your advice maybe impractical: Telling a couple to give it another shot is a difficult situation for both of them. You never know how much damage the relationship must have gone through before they arrived at this decision.

You will always be accused of taking sides
 No matter what you will be accused of taking one person’s side. Being fair in matters like these is difficult and can spoil your equation with both of them.

Couple arguement
Couple argument/pixabay

It is their life and relationship
 If someone has gone through divorce understand it was their relationship. They did not seek your approval before starting it and don’t need the same now. Sometimes relationships do become dead, divorce is the best solution at that point.

You will get judgmental: You will always notice both of them, their actions and their chemistry to find a reason for them to be back together. But when someone says it is over you should respect their decision and move aside.