Myths about air purifiers that you should stop believing

Check out some myths about air purifiers:

As the air quality in Delhi NCR goes bad, the demand for air purifiers increases. In the past few years, the demand has greatly increased. While air purifiers are the most cost-effective solution for fighting indoor pollutants there are doubts about its usage in India. With its rise, several myths have also gained significant prominence over the years. Here we are trying to burst some of them. Check out some myths about air purifiers that you must stop believing now:

  • Indoor air purifiers are useless, as there is no way to control outdoor air

Yes, it cannot work on outdoor air, but people do not understand that inside air is much more polluted. Air purifiers create a clean air bubble inside your room and keep you safe from polluted air. Air purifiers are absolutely safe and effective.

Source bustle
Source bustle
  • Air purifiers do not work when doors and windows of the room are open

This clearly depends on air quality outside. If the air quality is bad outside then it is advised to keep doors and windows closed. Also it is suggested to occasionally open the windows ad closing them for a long time will cause a rise in carbon dioxide and air purifiers do not remove carbon dioxide.

  • AC rooms don’t require air purifiers

AC just regulate the temperature of the room, it doesn’t remove pollutants. So, AC rooms also require air purifiers.

Source wirecutter
Source wirecutter
  • They are effective only when you are near them

This is not true. There is a clean air delivery rate for every air purifier model that caters to the entire room of a certain size. To get the benefit of air purifier you can be anywhere inside the room.

  • The true test of air purifiers is that it should kill odor

Source snapdeal
Source snapdeal

Absolutely false, Odor has nothing to do with clean air. In general air, purifiers are not meant to kill the odor. But it also depends on the type of filter that you are using, if there is activated carbon in the filter, there might be some difference.

  • All purifiers are the same, no benefit in buying an expensive one

Not true. Air purifiers are available in different capacities and filter quality. A purifier model for a small room won’t be effective for large rooms. Also, the quality of it matters a lot.  So buy one with more features.