5 alarming signs that your child is angry

Awkward behavior that you must notice in your kids:

Most of the parents experience weird aggressive behavior in their kids during their childhood but some might also be dealing with the same issue even as the child grows up. This generally happens with the ones who are not able to control their anger and creates a negative impact everywhere. To avoid such threatening attitude among your Kids here are some anger sings that are a warning for parents to deal with them on time. Check them out below:

Showing Tantrums

5 anger alarming signs to notice in your child

Usually when older child shows unnecessary tantrums then this may relate to some physical need or an unmet emotion. In such cases you should first analyse and try to find out the reason behind their weird behavior, don’t poke your nose in between, wait for them to calm down first and then talk.

Anger outbursts

You might have noticed that at times your son may get irritated and starts shouting on small issues. This is a warning that he is dealing with high anger levels which need to be controlled as soon as possible. No doubt as a parent you might feel helpless after experiencing his short temperament but what you can do the best is, make him feel secured, empathize him and assure him that you are there for him to help.

Destroying things

5 anger alarming signs to notice in your child

Most children destroy things accidentally or break them intentionally which is an expression of their anger. At such phase you should try to explain them that instead of spoiling things they should go for non-destructive ways to bring out the frustration. For ex: squeezing a stress ball or jumping on a trampoline. Besides this be strict and guide them that such things would not be acceptable and they have to bear the outcome of it.


Many young children form a violent behavior which ends up in hitting and threatening their parents while they are angry. This aggressive behavior can be very dangerous so parents must take precautions beforehand. Try to talk to your child and tell him that your house is non-violent and teach them some calming techniques like taking deep breaths and meditation.

Harming yourself

5 anger alarming signs to notice in your child

This is one of the most serious threat to safety, many children harm their self to release their anger or cope up with feelings of guilt or shame. They might scratch their hands, pull their hair, bite or bruise themselves. Whenever you notice any such thing just consult a counselor, sit with your child and ask him politely why he did so or what made him do so? Don’t ask direct questions because this will make them feel ashamed of their behavior which is not right.