5 Things you should never say to a new mom

If you’re planning a newborn— whether it’s to see the child of a best friend, a sister-in-law, or a work acquaintance, there are a few choice words and opinions that you’re best off keeping to yourself. At times your comments can hurt the new mom and bring you in her bad books so here are five things you should never say to a new mom

The baby looks nothing like you: Saying this may really be hurting for a new mom so avoid saying such things. Once my friend came to see my newly born and she constantly kept on saying that your baby resembles his father and not you. Fine the baby resembles my husband but saying it hundred times gets a little annoying, reminisces Kavita Mathur( a mother of a two months old baby girl). A baby has come from both of your set of DNA and he will be unique and look like anyone of you!

Comments about the baby: For a mother her baby is the most precious thing and any sort of comments about the baby’s health or appearance can make her sad so avoid comments about how huge or tiny the baby is.

Please keep it to how cute the lil one is. Each child has his own structure and shape and all of them are are equally beautiful.

Why you aren’t breastfeeding: Everyone assumes everyone is breastfeeding, but it’s not always as some moms can’t because of medical complications or low milk supply, etc. A lot of those who can’t feel like total shit about it so your words will make her cry.
The choice of giving formula or breast milk is solely is a mother’s decision and no one has the right to judge or ask her about it.

It must be nice to be home all day: Bringing up your baby is a joy but at the same time tiring too because being home with a newborn, she has to be at the baby’s call 24/7. Don’t underscore what she’s going through.

When are you planning next: For girl motherhood is a beginning of a new phase which includes a lot of unique and different experiences so let the new mom cope with them first properly before planning to experience them again.

Make the new mom happy by saying that you’re doing such a great job. You’re a wonderful mom.