A guide for stay at home mothers during this lockdown

Here are some tips for stay at home moms to get them through this lockdown.

Staying at home with your family always around can be tough, even for stay at home moms as they tend to feel overworked and tired. Family members can help around the house but having children around all day is an added responsibility. The quarantine period may get extended so it is better you plan your daily routine keeping this in mind. 

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Here are some tips that will keep stay at home mothers sane during this lockdown. 

Take some time to relax 

Make sure you find some time for yourself in a day to focus on your well-being. Take a break from work, relax and sit back. Find time to meditate and perform light stretching one in a day. 

Plan your day 

The best way to make sure that you find time to do everything, for you and your family is by taking the help of a planner. It will give structure to your day and this way you can make sure that important tasks that you have been meaning to complete do not slip from your mind. 

Learn to be patient 

If your family members are dependent on you for most of the tasks and you have your hands full, it can be a little difficult to manage. Explain to your family members that it is difficult for you to do everything at once and you would appreciate their help. This will also give you time to bond with them. 

Involve kids in the kitchen 

The best way to make sure that your children remain engaged and you get to complete your kitchen work is by bringing them to the kitchen. Assign small tasks like washing vegetables, taking ingredients out of the fridge, etc if they are too young. 

Enjoy time with your family 

It is likely that we won’t get to spend this much time again with our family so make sure you enjoy it till it lasts. Play fun games, put your phone aside and try to know each other a little better.