How a mother-daughter relationship changes with age

Indian mothers and their habits
Indian mothers and their habits

As we grow older, our relationship with our parents changes in many ways. When we become mothers our relationship with our mom goes to another level as we get to know the hardships of motherhood. On this Mother’s day we bring you how relationship between a daughter and mother changes with time and age.

Friends forever

The bond between a mother and child is beautiful and we get to know this as we grow up. As you age it happens many times that you giggle uncontrollably over many things with your mom and you just love the feeling. You realize that you share this special bond only with friends and she has always been one. As kids we are shy but as we grow up we become more friendly.

You start to take care of your mother more

At times when she calls you unexpectedly at an odd time, your heart starts to race as you wonder if something bad has happened! As you age, you take care of your parents more, you think of them more, their happiness matters a lot and this is because you start to see yourself as someone who supports her.


You want  to spend more and more time with her

In adulthood when you have less of time it is not fun realizing it. Now you want to spend as much time with her as you can, talk to her, cook food with her, enjoy the food cooked by her and this becomes the best what you could ask for.

You seek out her advice and you actually listen to it

Despite knowing that she would not have answers to all your problems, you want her advice and you actually start listening to it. Her presence, her talks is what makes you happy and calm.

You develop a different kind of respect than you usually had

You just don’t respect her because she is your mother, but you respect her for all the things she has done for you and is still doing. This makes you see her in a different way and you admire your relationship with her more.

You are grateful of having them!

You realize it now as to how lucky and blessed you are to have a mother like her.  You develop a sense of gratitude towards them because now you understand her hardships and sacrifices