How to make your child responsible

Make your child responsible. Image Source: Google

Buying your child all those high-end clothes, taking him to expensive dinners, and thinking that a mobile might be a good idea? You are over-pampering your child. Children should get your love not the money. They take time to understand responsibilities and DINK couples without joint families often pamper their kids overcome this gap.

Here are ways you can make your child responsible and stop all those expensive gifts.

Bond with your child: Bonding with the child without any conditions (do this and I buy you this) is becoming difficult. The best way is to indulge in some activity like painting or cook together and see the bond flourish, the old fashioned way! So get ready to bake some cupcakes this weekend!

Kids on the computer
Kids on the computer/ Freedigitalphotos

Restrict TV and computer time to an hour: Too much TV and computer can never be constructive in brain development. Give him some books to read or sit down and play those board games tonight. Allot half an hour in the night as reading time, where you all read your respective books, and please confuse this with studies.

Give him responsibilities: Give him a small, achievable list every weekend. Keep it basic like clean your wardrobe, set the books or water the plants. These errands always help a child become responsible.


Make him donate things to the needy: Donating old toys, books or clothes will make your young one understand humbleness. Though these things might not make a difference to him but giving them to needy people will tell him their value and how lucky he is.

Take him to a place of worship: The belief in god is as important as instilling values in your child. Take him to a temple, a gurudwara or a church but make him understand the importance of god over religion.

These small things will help him mature as a responsible adult not a tantrum-throwing child.