Things that only parents of three kids relate to

Common things that every person having three kids goes through:

Already people face a lot of problems when they have two children and, what would the ones do with triplets? Each child needs equal importance and love, though every parent puts in all their efforts to do so but still kids do not understand that. Thus, here are some common things that only parents with triplets can relate to:

1- You are tired of sorting out fights among all your kids.
2- Each one of them wants the same thing or better than each other.

3- You are tired of hearing why did you want to have three babies? Is the last one by mistake?
4- All of them are jealous as they stay in doubt that you love the other two more.

5- Making them all study together is the toughest job.
6- Immediately grab the baby stroller for three because it’s not that easily available.

7- Arguments in the car are something you can never get rid of.
8- Everyone wants their favorite dish to be prepared.

9- You are afraid of saying anything in the fear of defending one out of three.
10- Half of your time goes into deciding how to do justice to all.

11- You feel relaxed when you see other people around you having three kids.
12- Tired of giving them the same lectures every day without any change in the lines.