Ways to keep your hair straight overnight

Check out some ways to keep your hair straight overnight:

Straightening your hair takes a lot of time, if you are concerned about these extra minutes in the morning while going out then you must do it beforehand. So we decided to decode some simple and easy ways to keep your hair straight overnight so that you wake up with straight hair. Check out some tips to maintain your smooth, straightened hair overnight: 

  • Avoid hairbands 

When you want to wake up with straight hair, we suggest you avoid wearing headbands because it will leave a dent in your hair. Ditch your bedtime pony and keep your hair straight overnight. 

  • Avoid humidity 

Humidity causes frizzy hair and makes it difficult to maintain straight hair. use air conditioning or a fan to keep your bedroom cool at night. This will minimize the amount you sweat. 

  • Use dry shampoo

Before going to bed, spritz your hair with some dry shampoo, this will absorb any excess oil and sweat overnight. It will make your straight hair last longer, and you will wake up with beautiful hair. 

  • Sleep wearing a silk headscarf 

Wearing a silk headscarf will reduce frizz and therefore prevent your newly straightened hair from getting spoiled.  It reduces the friction between your hair and your sheets

  • High-quality straightening serum 

A straightening serum will also give you thermal protection, however, some products will only act as a hairspray, so it is important to invest in a good quality hair straightening serum.